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Our Services

1. Janitorial Services: We provide regular cleaning services customized for each facility. We service the cleaning needs of small- to large-sized companies, institutions, establishments, stores, restaurants, shopping centers, public transportation stations, apartment buildings, property development corporations, domestic households and more.
2. Special Cleaning Services: We provide a full range of specialized cleaning services including hard floor care and maintenance, carpet and upholstery cleaning, general cleaning, industrial or construction clean ups, high-pressure and low-pressure washing, wall and ceiling cleaning, and more.
3. Facility Services: In our long experience in the cleaning industry, Scrub Masters has noted that our clients need more than just cleaning services. A lot of our customers have asked for facility services. We also offer facility services which include among others: graffiti removal, picking up trash in the building grounds or parking areas, window washing, cleaning of building exteriors, waste disposal management, gum removal, sweeping of parking areas and grounds, watering and maintenance of both indoor and outdoor greener and more.
4. Fumigation Services: We also provide fumigation services to residential, industrial and office facilities.
1. Air fresheners
2. Deodorant-block for urinals
3. Soap-powder/ bar
4. Toilet rolls, towels and paper napkins
5. Soap Dispensers of all kind
6. Disinfectants
7. Sales and distributors of cleaning chemicals/ agent.
* Office Cleaning, Janitorial Services
* Industrial Cleaning Services in the Oil and Gas Sector
* Pre and Post Construction Cleanup
* Carpet Shampooing and Steam Cleaning
* Furniture Shampoo
* Junk Removal / Hauling Services
* Metal, Marble, Glass Maintenance
* Staffing & Specialty Services
* Commercial Cleaning
* Green Cleaning
* Mechanical Building Maintenance